Rashtriya Mahila Kosh (RMK) - Credit Support Nodal Agency


RASS has taken up the responsibility of conducting orientation and exposure workshops for NGOs in Andhra Pradesh seeking RMK assistance to develop their own groups and provide these groups with credit linkages. As part of this activity, RASS has specific functions viz., identifying potential NGOs capable of promoting effective SHGs, imparting training to these NGOs and facilitating onward linkages with RMK, conducting pre and post sanction studies on behalf of RMK with the identified NGOs. Thus, RASS has successfully built up a network of NGOs for direct linkages with Rashtriya Mahila Kosh to secure access to large quantum of credit for loaning purpose to the SHGs.




CAPART Facilitation Center


To support the budding voluntary organizations in accessing CAPART schemes, RASS promoted a facilitation center in collaboration with CAPART.  Under CAPART Young Professional scheme, one of the YPs is placed in RASS.  Through this initiative RASS is disseminating various schemes of CAPART, eligibility criteria, suitability of the programme and facilitating the voluntary organizations in accessing CAPART schemes.  Since its inception in 2004, it conducted training programmes and scrutinized 180 proposals received by RASS.  CAPART entrusted the project evaluator job also to RASS. 





Confederation of NGOs of Rural India ( CNRI )

CNRI is a nationwide network of Non-Governmental Organizations working with prime focus in rural areas, which RASS initiated along with other similar led by visionary leaders.  Dr. Mohan Dharia, Former Union Minister and Former Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission, Mr. L.V. Sapthrishi, IAS (Retd.,), Former Director General of CAPART and other similar like minded NGO leaders.  It creates a platform to discuss, disseminate, information on rural problems at different levels - regional, district, state and national.  As lobbying and high level policy advocacy is one of the crucial aspects to be taken into consideration at grassroots level, RASS initiated this national-wide network.  It also creates a social milieu for unorganized and individually working organizations to collaborate and further synergize the momentum of development.





Akhil Bharat Rachanatmak Samaj is a federation of Gandhian institutions and social workers.  Since 1982, working for communal harmony and national integration.  In the peak period of terrorism in Punjab, the Samaj organized a campaign in 1983, in every village and town with 4000 members into groups taking great personal risk.  This was the only campaign of that magnitude and earned goodwill.  Seminars, training camps etc are being organized regularly.

Activities for peace have been taken up in the State of Jammu and Kashmir for 10 years again taking great personal risks and visiting places where hardly anyone from outside dares to visit.  With volunteers of University students from Delhi, got all houses rebuilt with local support, through Muslims donations for houses of Hindus and Hindus for Muslims.  Since, then the Samaj has developed a wide mass base and both communities together have been organizing various activities together under the banner of the Samaj.  Recently, the Samaj organized a pilgrim’s visit to Charare Sharief and other places, of a delegation from P.O.K., first of its kind, after decades, which was received enthusiastically by people of towns of Kashmir and Jammu regions.

The Samaj had organized a campaign for harmony.  The work for harmony is being continued in that area and a majority of Sants and Mahants are today supporting our cause.  The Samaj organized padayatras in Tamil Nadu when tension broke in the southern parts between scheduled castes and other castes and peace returned to that area.

The Samaj has organized big inter-faith – sarva - dharma conference in various places like – Ayodhya, Varnasi, Mathura, Rishikesh, Chitrakut, Jammu, Chennai and Aligarh.  A massive conference was organized in Aligarh Muslim University, with initiative by Vice Chancellor and inaugurated by Dalai Lama.  In every such conference, important religious heads of different religions address, thus strengthening the bonds of friendship between communities.  Inter faith prayers form part in each conference.

The Samaj played a major role in reaching out to victims of Gujarat carnage in 2002 and organized peace marches, yatras in Gujarat and other places.  Protest marches, dharnas etc were constantly organized in Delhi along with like minded friends to make the country aware of the need for remedial action and relict to the victims.

The Samaj along with sister organizations – Association of Peoples of Asia (APA) and Women’s Initiative for Peace in South Asia (WIPSA) is organizing exchange visits between neighboring countries for people-to-people contacts, especially with Pakistan.
Aman Mela was organized in November 2004 along with the Annual Conference of the Samaj at Jalandhar, Punjab, which was attended by six hundred peace activists from Pakistan.  Friends in Pakistan, leaders of all political parties and the government have very well received representatives of Samaj.  The first women’s Bus of Peace from Delhi to Lahore was organized in 2000.

President of the Samaj, Dr. Nirmala Deshpande, M.P., who is Chairperson of both the Chapters at India and Pakistan, initiated Indo-Pak Soldiers Initiative for Peace (IPSI) with regular exchange visits.  Retired Generals, Air Marshals, Admirals and others are members.

Recently the Akhil Bharat Rachantmak Samaj has celebrated its annual events along with affiliated sister organization i.e., RASS Silver Jubilee Celebrations at Tirupati on 25 November, 2006.  Smt. Sonia Gandhiji, Chairperson, UPA has inaugurated both the events which was presided over by Dr. (Ms.) Nirmala Deshpandeji, President of both the organizations.

His Excellency Governor of Andhra Pradesh, Mr. Rameshwar Thakur, Dr. Y.S. Raja Sekhara Reddy, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Mr. Pallam Raju, Minister of State for Defence, Ms. Panabaka Lakshmi, Hon’ble Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Mr. Subbarami Reddy, Hon’ble Minister for Mines, Sri K. Kesava Rao, M.P., President, AP Congress Committee, Mr. Sunil Kumar Shinde, Hon’ble Minister for Power, Mr. Digvijay Singh, Former Chief Minister of Mandhya Pradesh, Dr. Chinta Mohan, M.P., Sri M. Venkaiah Naidu, M.P., Mr. Yusuf Tarigami, MLA, CPM, Jammu & Kashmir, Vice – Chancellor of S.V. University, Sri Padmavathi Mahila Viswa  Vidyalayam and other dignitaries irrespective of political alignments are participated.  Over 20000 delegates from all over India and 50 participants from Pakistan were participated in these three day celebrations.  The Chief Functionaries, intellectuals, local leaders are divided into groups and discussed various subjects and drafted suggestions and recommendations to submit to the Government of India and Planning Commission for implementation in 11th five year plan.

All these activities created deep-rooted impact from the grassroots level to the international level and also contribute to the peace process between the neighboring countries.