RASS’s prime focus is on people’s participation, their ownership and management. 

The first strategy is to support the communities where it works. RASS implements various welfare and developmental programs with high standards of transparency, timely delivery and community management. 

The second strategy is to strengthen voluntary sector in India, especially in Andhra Pradesh.  Through various concerns and initiatives it strives for networking and capacity building of grassroots civil society organisations.

The third strategy is policy advocacy at local, regional and national level policies.   RASS tries to bridge the gaps through intense negotiations and policy advocacy.





Holistic Paradigm


RASS believes that development can be self-sustaining only if it brings positive change in the entire socio-economic matrix governing their lives. The development of poor without refining their socio-economic milieu is neither conceivable nor sustainable. The development paradigm of RASS revolves around four critical elements, namely, Human ResourceDevelopment, Attitudinal Changes,Economic Development , Self Management 








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