Future Plans


Future Action Plan for which Assistance is required


Sahaya Village - Tirupati, Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh, India

This village was being constructed to accommodate all categories of challenged people i.e. disabled, aged, widows, deserted, destitute women, orphaned children, HIV affected children, street children, child labour etc. This complex, which was constructed in 12 ha., of land could accommodate nearly 500 beneficiaries of all above said categories.

At present the following services are available:



In this Sahaya village all the services i.e. boarding, lodging, education, medical aid, skill development, rehabilitation and recreational facilities are being provided at free of cost for 350 inmates of above said category of the target group.



Need for Assistance for the Sahaya Village




Training Complex at Tirupati

It is proposed to Construct a Training Complex at Tirupati urban area which cost (including land, building with hostel facilities) around Rs.1.00 crore (i.e. $2,00,000).  The complex will be utilized to promote hard and soft skills among the youth and others.


Knowledge Centre at Tirupati


Rural un-employed graduates and post-graduates will be trained in different skills in tune with the industry / sectoral requirements which will be helpful in improving employment opportunities with career guidance center. This costs about Rs.1.00 crore (i.e. $2,00,000).


Sarvodayanagar at Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh


RASS has acquired 3 hectares of land at free of cost donated by Andhra Pradesh Bhoodan Board, 15 k.m away from Visakhapatnam metro city on the national highway.  Construction of hostels, school, vocational training centre, clinic and mini dairy for all categories of tribal children, abandoned children, HIV/AIDS affected family children etc. with education, boarding & lodging facilities, which cost about Rs.2.00 cores i.e. $4,00,000 is required.



Hospital on Wheels


A fully equipped mobile hospital to cater to the medical requirements of differently abled and challenged people is planned.  Professional Doctors and supporting staff will be recruited and regular as well as frequent pre fixed visits will be undertaken to the rural and targeted areas.  This will enhance support to the physically challenged living in inaccessible areas.  The total cost of the project is estimated around Rs.20,00,000 lakhs (ie., $40000) approx.

Transport Facilities for the Challenged

Five mini buses with a capacity of 30 are planned to provide transport facilities from educational center to their homes.  Each bus is specially designed to cater to all types of differently abled people.  One such bus for each center viz., Tirupati, Chittoor, Kadapa, Proddutur and Ananthapur, will be acquired.  The recurring cost will be borne by the organization with local fund mobilization / contributions.  The total cost of the project is around Rs.40,00,000 (i.e., $ 80000) approx.



Orissa State Project Assistance required


Primitive tribal in Nandapur block of Koraput district, Orissa state require the following:


For all the above said services, Rs. 2.00 cores i.e $ 4,00,000 are required.


Thiruttani, Thiruvallur district, Tamilnadu


Swayamkrushi village for all categories of challenged children, aged, HIV affected children, abandoned children.  It is intended to extend the welfare and development activities, besides medical care and support for HIV / AIDs affected children.  For these services Rs.1.00 crore (i.e. $ 2,00,000) are required.


Promotion of Capacity Building Institute

To promote NGO sector in India, it is proposed to promote a well equipped capacity building institute at Delhi to serve the NGO fraternity.  For this around Rs.6 crores (ie., $1335000) is estimated.     


Corpus Fund for RASS Activities

At present around 2000 volunteers are working on consolidated honorarium. To provide Provident Fund and Gratuity to staff voluntary benefit Rs.2.00 cores (i.e. $4,00,000) are required






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