The highest potential in the life cycle is at the youth stage.  Skill building and development through Jan Shikshan Sansthan (JSS) is one such initiative.

Jan Sikshan Sansthan (JSS)


Through the institute, RASS is contributing for skill development of the under privileged, women, un-employed and youth.  RASS identifies the skill development areas in consultation with the beneficiaries and market leaders in the sector.  Based on demand and supply and in consultation with the corporate and market leaders, the courses will be designed and disseminated eminent personalities.  Though the major programmes are on skill building, activities to promote and build knowledge among the participants will be taken care of.  The institute has been financially and technically supported by Ministry of HRD, Government of India. 





Multi Purpose Health Workers Training Institute (MPHW)



A large number of girls do not continue education after school final or intermediate level for several socio-economic reasons.  As a result, these girls do not find employment opportunities.  RASS started an Institute of Nursing to train the young girls who cannot continue their education for one reason or the other.  To begin with, RASS started an 18 month Multipurpose Health Workers Training with an annual intake of 40 students.  The admission to the course is based on merit, subject to statutory reservations.  The Institute is a residential one and offers intensive coaching to the students.  Apart from their access to the medical college hospital, they are exposed to other Government hospitals and RASS social development programmes.  RASS has so far trained 1400 students.  The institute has qualified and experienced faculty members.  The Ministry of Health and Family Planning, Government of India is providing Grant-in-Aid to this intervention.




Teachers Training Institute (Special Education- MR)


Mentally retarded children need special care and concern.  The physical and the emotional needs of the mentally retarded children are very difficult to perceive and understand.  The educational needs of the mentally retarded children also differ vastly from those of normal children as well as other disabilities.  Specially trained teachers are required to administer speech, occupational and hearing therapies, to impart functional literacy skills and to provide them physical training to improve the mind-body co-ordination.  However, it is difficult to find teachers capable of imparting such special skills to the mentally retarded children.  Therefore, RASS has set up an Institute with the required infrastructure to train the teachers in the required skills.  Affiliated to the National Institute of Mentally Handicapped (NIMH) and National Rehabilitation Council of India, the Diploma Course has an intake of 20 students per batch with the funding support of Ministry of Social Justice, Government of India.  Besides, the institute is organizing a B. Ed course in special education in partnership with Dr. BR Ambedkar Open University, Hyderabad.  Previously it was associated with Bhoj University, Madhya Pradesh.  Besides, it collaborated with IGNOU for its foundation course.  The institute has received ‘Center of Excellence’ by Rehabilitation Council of India in 2009.





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