Provision for Safe Drinking Water


RASS identified the importance of safe drinking water in health frontier.  Many of the rural households lack safe drinking water within their vicinity.  Thus, RASS, in collaboration with CAPART, under the ARW scheme, dug 400 bore wells in Chittoor and Kadapa districts of Andhra Pradesh.  International Organization from West Germany collaborated in this intervention to promote child and community health aspects. 




Provision for Sanitary Facilities

Rural areas in the project adopted villages facing various health problems due to open defecation.  Lack of awareness and lack of capital to create sanitary facilities for the families are the major reasons.  To promote healthy communities, RASS provided sanitary facilities in the adopted villages and also created awareness and their importance.  These rural sanitation facilities were provided under CRS programme of CAPART and implemented in Chittoor district. 




Low Cost Housing

Housing for the rural poor is one of the biggest challenges in their life time as it requires huge amounts to construct a house, which is unaffordable by the rural poor.  Recognizing this fact, RASS provided low cost houses to the rural poor.  A model village was constructed in Dalith village viz., Vikruthamala HW habitation of Yerpedu mandal.


Nallamanu kalva in Tirupati rural and Velur Dalith habitation in Pichatur mandal were constructed with low cost housing.  For this intervention RASS collaborated with CAPART and DESWOS of Germany.


Construction of Buildings for Creche centers and Schools

Under Kanthi Pathakam of Government of Andhra Pradesh, with the support from Christian Children’s Fund for the projects Balaji Bala Vikas and Bala Bharathi, Creche’ centers and primary schools were constructed in Papanaidupet, Renigunta and Tirupati mandals of Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh.










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