Vision & Mission




RASS visualizes a society where all human beings live with human dignity. RASS believes that every human being has inalienable rights, guaranteed by the Constitution of India and the International Covenants. However, due to a plethora of social and political reasons in India many sections of people in indigenous society are denied opportunities for economic growth and social advancement. RASS visualizes itself as a peoples’ initiative for protection of basic and inalienable human rights with specific emphasis on - women, children, the elderly, the sick and the challenged. 





RASS works with people whose lives are plagued by extreme poverty, illiteracy, ill-health and many other problems. 


RASS is committed to making its programmes socially, financially and environmentally sustainable through good governance and peoples’ participation. 


RASS sees itself a social catalyst in promoting self-help groups and micro enterprise development initiatives to address the immediate concerns of rural households whose domestic economy is exacting in nature.

RASS encourages a social work culture where parties concerned work in partnerships with the community, likeminded civil society organizations, government institutions and private sector.  RASS has an inherent urge towards synchronization and fructification of peoples’ organisations and support agencies in heralding a resolute and combined effort for social development and good governance.


RASS has been engaged in efforts in shaping the organisation as a resource and nodal agency so as to establish connecting links among various stakeholders in the process - CSOs, Government, CBOs and Donors. Needless to state, lobbying and advocacy are the golden threads that run through its efforts in this direction. 





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